Who we are

Macmillan Education is a global publisher with a local presence. 

Macmillan Education is a global brand with a reputation for publishing the highest quality text books and teaching materials, many of which have been written by leading experts in English Language Teaching and curriculum development. However what really sets us apart is the way we work at a local level. By operating in over 120 countries worldwide, we can get close to the students, teachers, institutions and educational authorities that use our products and materials and listen to what they need. That's how we've been able to build long lasting relationships and help improve the learning outcomes for millions of students around the world.

Today we publish English Language Teaching and school curriculum materials in print, digital and on-line formats to suit the needs of classrooms around the world, and we support teachers by offering the training they need to deliver the best experience to their students.

We are there for teachers and learners throughout the learning journey. We help children learn their first words of English while getting adults on the learning ladder, leading high-school students to exam success and supporting business professionals in order for them to achieve the best in their careers.

A love of learning, reading and innovation has always been our mission since the very beginning. It is clear in all we do. It is why Macmillan Education remains the most trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help educators and institutions to deliver excellent results.


Macmillan Education. Advancing Learning.

Reflecting our heritage 

When brothers Daniel and Alexander Macmillan founded their publishing company in 1843, they created a place that would recognize and value great contemporary writing. They soon made their mark on the literary world, publishing world-famous authors such as Carroll, Hardy, Kipling and Tennyson. They were driven by learning and discovery – the same things that drive us today.

Our parent company: a family business

Macmillan Education is a global education company, developing print, digital and online solutions that support teachers, researchers, students and educators around the world. Macmillan Education is itself made up of three different but important strands: Language LearningSchools Curriculum and Higher Education

Macmillan Education Argentina

We were established 20 years ago by Macmillan Education as one of its regional companies in Latin America - our sister companies are in México, Brazil and Peru. 

We are responsible for importing as well as producing English Language Teaching materials for teachers and students in the region.  In order to offer the best possible service we have representatives in all major cities in Argentina, as well as in Uruguay and Paraguay. We also work with a regional network of distributors to ensure our publications are available accross the country.

What we do

Supporting education worldwide

Macmillan Education has been advancing learning for over 175 years. Since the earliest days we have established ourselves as a world leading publisher, building strong partnerships with educators, innovating in pedagogy and digital content, and inspiring learners to achieve more.

In classroom around the world we know how transformative learning English can be, and we are passionate about providing students and their teachers with everything they need to succeed in education, in the workplace, and in life. 

We are there for teachers and learners throughout the learning journey. We help children learn their first words of English while getting adults on the learning ladder, leading high-school students to exam success and supporting business professionals in order for them to achieve the best in their careers. 

For teachers, by teachers

Because many people who work at Macmillan are also teachers, we know what it’s like to be in the classroom. So we not only create new tools and publications, but we also aim at building lasting relationships with teachers, providing guidance, support and inspiration on their professional development journey. We also care about connecting teachers with the latest research, new pedagogies and world-class experts, sharing the best in global education and making it accessible locally.

Digital and print for flexible learning 

Macmillan Education creates content in all sorts of digital formats – like smartphone apps and remote courses. That means students can study at their own pace and learn independently, while still getting their teacher’s support in class. By combining print, online and digital resources, Macmillan Education is streamlining learning, and making it flexible for students and teachers worldwide.  

As education adapts and changes at an ever-increasing pace, we will always be there – empowering the world’s teachers to inspire students on their lifelong journeys in education. 

Our People

At Macmillan Education we like to create an environment where our people can 'achieve great things'. What we mean by this is important, life-changing things. Like changing the way students learn and teachers teach.


That’s why we strive to transform learning, adapt to the changing needs of science and education and make the most of our resources, leading rather than reacting.


Making it possible


- We’re a global team, expanding our already extensive international reach, with locations in major cities from London to Shanghai. As we expand, we share our experience, skills and technology, and transform our business to change lives. By being creative and forward-looking, we use new technologies, new ideas and new skills to transform our business, the lives of our customers and the careers of our people.

- We’re investing in our people and in their careers to enable them to carry on doing the great things that have made us the company we are today – and to share in our success tomorrow, whether they’re the brilliant people who work with us already, or new people who want to join us.