What all Macmillan Dictionaries have in common is a clarity of presentation and an ease of use as well as, perhaps more importantly, the reassurance that they give users a true reflection of English as it is used today: detailed analysis of large corpora, using highly advanced software, enable the dictionary writers to identify hoe English is used by native speakers and by learners around the world. At every stage of the writing process, teachers, coursebook writers and language students contribute information about what learners really need to know. This rigorous approach to dictionary writing has won us a number of very prestigious awards, as well as the thumbs-up from millions of students and teachers over the years.

Macmillan Diccionario Pocket:

With over 68,000 words, phrases, expressions and examples, this two-colour bilingual pocket dictionary simply… excels.


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Macmillan Diccionario Pocket