May 201929

Webinar: "Insights into Exams"

May 29, 2019

On 29th May join Alastair Grant in a new webinar of our Advancing Learning Academic Programme.

Insights into Exams: Receptive & Productive Skills

They may be internal, external or international, but ESOL examinations are increasingly a necessity for our students. And whether it’s for the chance to study or travel abroad, boost progress at university or get a new job in a new country, exams are a synonym for proof of success in English. Basically these exams give our students skills for life. But, as we know, with great opportunity for our students comes great responsibility for us teachers. Both the receptive skills of listening and reading, plus productive skills of speaking and writing are frequently seen as highly challenging exams, involving intense concentration, puzzle-solving abilities and stressful, real-time processing. In this session we will look at how to ensure students are comprehensively trained in the exam processes and subskills of receptive and productive skills and can thus go to their exams armed with techniques to unlock the doors to their futures.

About the speaker:

Alastair Grant is an English Teacher and Teacher Trainer. He is a teacher trainer for International House Montevideo, where he was previously Director of Studies. He is Academic Director at Colegio Nuevo Las Lomas, In-Schools Director at the International Language Training Centre in Buenos Aires and lectures in Methodology at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires. Previously, he was also Director of Studies at International House San Isidro. 

He holds an Honours Degree in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Warwick in the U.K., has completed the International House Certificate of Advanced Methodology and all modules of the Cambridge Delta. 

Date & time: Wednesday, 29th May, 6.30 pm

Certificate of attendance will be issued.

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