Keep your finger on the pulse of learning!


On the Pulse is a dynamic, four-level series for teenage learners in the 21st century. Up-to-date topics in texts and videos, multiple opportunities for reflection on language and cultural comparison, a clear focus on vocabulary and grammar, systematic recycling and integration, and a design that is both modern and clear guarantee learning for all students!

Key Features
• Coverage of all curriculum requirements
Workbook integrated with the Student’s Book
• Students’ digital competences fostered through: Web Quests in each unit, two Collaborative
Projects per level and access to more digital material on the Online Skills Centre
• Pulse magazine pages provide texts for extra reading
• A ‘Creative Corner’ section fosters students’ development of literary and creative writing competences


For students:

Student’s Book
+ Workbook
+ Pulse magazine
+ Creative corner
+ Learning bank

The Online Skills Centre provides students with access to the videos in the book, as well as the Pulse magazine audio files, enriched ‘Creative Corner’ material, pronunciation practice resources and links to songs connected with the topics covered in each unit.

For teachers:

Teacher’s Kit
+ Tests
+ Annual planning
+ Audio CD

The Online Teacher’s Centre provides teachers with the e-Teacher’s Kit (with a full explanation of the methodology behind the series as well as the unit-by-unit teaching notes), downloadable audio files, customizable annual planning and tests (in PDF and Word formats), extra activities for fast-finishers, worksheets to further exploit the ‘Creative Corner’ section, as well as access to all the resources in the Online Skills Centre with tips on how to use them.



Catherine McBeth

Catherine McBeth is a freelance writer currently based in the Peak District, England. Having gained a degree in Modern Languages in 1992, she moved to Madrid and spent several years working as an English teacher and translator. On returning to Britain, she worked as an ELT editor in Oxford before becoming a freelance author. She has written a range of English-language materials including Voices (Macmillan, 2009), a four-level secondary course for Spain which has also been versioned for Poland, France, Argentina and Russia. Her latest four-level secondary course Pulse was published by Macmillan in 2014, and is being adapted for several markets at the moment.

Michele Crawford

After studying French language and literature at Sheffield University, Michele Crawford moved to Athens in 1991, where she worked as an English teacher for several years. Her fascination with language led her to do an MA in Applied Linguistics in 1998 and she later became involved in the publishing industry, working first as an editor for a small English language publishing company in Athens and later as a freelance writer and editor. She has authored and co-authored materials for different levels, including Macmillan’s Smash 3 and 4, and Code Red. She now continues to write English language teaching materials as well as teaching English for Academic Purposes at the University of Lancaster. Her most recent publication was an English language coursebook for Spanish and South American teenagers (part of the Pulse secondary series for Macmillan). Having lived in Greece for half her life, she recently moved back to the UK where she is trying unsuccessfully to adjust to the climate in the north-west of England! When she’s not complaining about the weather, she enjoys baking cakes and exploring the countryside with her seven-year-old daughter.


Silvia Carolina Tiberio

Silvia Carolina Tiberio has over 20 years’ experience in English language teaching as an ELT materials writer. She has written a wide range of materials, including coursebooks, teacher’s books, graded readers and teacher’s guides for grammar courses for use in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Her work has been published by Macmillan, Pearson, the British Council and Harper Collins. She also has experience in digital materials. For many years, she worked for the Macmillan English Campus creating online games, interactive activities, animated grammar units and graded news stories. In Argentina, Silvia’s specialization has been in primary and secondary language teaching. For Macmillan, she wrote successful series such as Sailing (and Go on Sailing), Explorer, Connect! and On the Pulse. She is also a lawyer. She holds an Honours Degree in Law from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.