Phases in learning, Phases in life!


Phases is a dynamic, four-level series for teenage learners in the 21st century. Up-to-date topics in texts and videos, multiple opportunities for reflection on language and cultural comparison, a clear focus on vocabulary and grammar, systematic recycling and integration, and a design that is both modern and clear guarantee learning for all students!  It is ideal for teachers who need stimulating material for secondary level (as from false beginner) with a solid and motivating approach to learning.

Key Features

• A new ‘Upgrade for Exams’ section at the end of each Revision provides international exam practice

• The ‘Writing’ section has been improved to provide students with more scaffolding and to guarantee students’ confidence in their written production

• A whole ‘Culture’ page at the end of each unit helps students become knowledgeable citizens, respectful of cultural diversity

• The ‘CLIL Projects’ section at the back of the book and the ‘Collaborative Tasks’ included in each Revision boost the development of team-working skills

• Completely new material in the ‘Editing your Work’ and ‘Extra Reading’ sections

• Workbooks include completely new worksheets with additional reading practice, plus a ‘Digital Competence’ worksheet per unit including a collaborative project where students use online tools for production and interaction


For students:

Student’s Book

Workbook (with downloadable audio)

Digital Student's Book


Student's Resource Centre

New design and updated texts

New 'Editing your Work' and 'Extra Reading' sections

Digital Competence worksheets in the Workbook

For teachers:

Teacher’s Book

Audio CDs

Digital Student's Book


Teacher's Resource Centre

New 'Upgrade for Exams' section with practice for international exams

More scaffolded approach in the 'Writing' section

One 'Culture' page per unit and four CLIL projects at the back of the book